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Toro Steam Cleaning offers area rug cleaning services for your home and business. Everything from dirt, pet dander, pollutants and heavy traffic areas can get trapped within the fibers of your area rugs.  Vacuuming is great for weekly maintenance but can only reach the dirt on the surface. 


No matter how big or small, your rugs will be correctly cleaned by a trained professional in our Rug Studio. Our Rug Studio rates are based on the size and type of area rug.


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In addition to our steam treatment services, Toro provides expert cleaning for different makes of area and investment rugs. Over the years, we have perfected the formula for a clean rug and a satisfied client. Leave it to us to tap into the hidden potential of cleaning technology and restore your rug to mint condition.

At Toro, we understand that different types of area rugs need to be cleaned in different ways. Several factors play into how exactly a rug ought to be cleaned, including size, age, and fabric used.

Three of the most popular kinds of rugs we can clean include:

-Silk Area Rugs

-Wool Area Rugs

-Synthetic Area Rugs

Note: Wool and silk area rugs are much more delicate than synthetic rugs due to the fragility and frailty of their fibers, making them more difficult to safely clean. Toro makes sure to treat these rugs with perfect care, giving them the extra time and attention they need.

While vacuuming rugs weekly is a great way to maintain your rug by removing surface dirt. Overtime, however, pollutants, pet dander, dust, and dirt can get trapped in the deep fibers of the rug.


First, your area rug is safetly removed from your home so it can be properly cleaned away from your premises. Area rugs cleaned by Toro are cleaned with proper dust removal to remove the dust, dirt and pet dander that can accumulate in your rugs over time. Proper dusting of any rug is essential prior to washing. 

This ensures a clean and sanitary rug every time.

At Toro, we use state of the art equipment and flash drying in our rug cleaning process. This ensures quicker cleaning times and faster drying times. Additionally, our cleaning solutions are safe for pets and all members of the family, ensuring that no harm comes to your valuable rugs or your loved ones.

When our step by step cleaning process is complete, we will return your rugs to your home, clean and beautiful. Regardless of their size, our trained staff will clean your area rugs to perfection in our Rug Studio.

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At Toro we provide complimentary consultations. Our quotes for services are 100% complete. We never have hidden fees or upsells. Rug cleaning quotes are based on the size and type of area rug. Toro is a locally owned and family run business and all services are provided by the owner or are overseen by the owner of our business. “The Toro Difference” isn't just a slogan, it is how we separate ourselves from the rest.


Our floors had not been polished since we installed them more than 9 years ago.  They look amazing now!  The staff is extremely polite,  careful and caring of the home furnishings.  Victor even came back to train our housekeeper on what products to use to keep up the stone in top shape.  We loved the service and the results.   Would recommend 200%! - Pat




Toro Steam Cleaning utilizes the newest technologies in both equipment and family/pet safe chemistry to ensure a deep and true cleaning of your area rugs.