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Everyone that rents a living space hopes to receive their deposit back upon moving out. To do so, some deep cleaning and even restoration might have to take place. The longer the tenant has lived there, the more likely the cleaning will need to be deep and thorough, returning the space back to the like new conditions it was upon arrival.

Where Rented Machines Fail, We Can Help!

Many tenants will rent a carpet cleaner from a grocery store, hoping to achieve a deep clean that will pass inspection, for a seemingly lower cost than hiring a professional. Unfortunately, without the power, experience, and cleaning solutions of a professional carpet cleaner, these rental machines can leave more than a little to be desired. Landlords can tell the difference between a rented carpet cleaning job and a professional job.

Fact: The price of getting the steam cleaner doesn’t compare to the amount it will cost in not receiving the deposit back!




Services For Your Home

Toro Steam Cleaning specializes in natural stone, carpet, tile & grout, area rugs and upholstery.  Contact Toro Steam Cleaning today for your complimentary consultation or to book your appointment for professional steam cleaning.  We restore natural stone too.


Toro Steam Cleaning is located in San Diego, CA. We are a family run business, headed by our owner, which takes pride in cleaning spaces for private residents. Our expertise includes cleaning carpet, natural stone, upholstery, area rugs, tile, grout, and windows.

Weekly vacuuming and moping is great for maintenance. However, overtime, dirt, pet dander, and pollutants can get trapped in the deep fibers of the carpet. Stains can accumulate over tile floors. All types of flooring will show high traffic areas overtime as well. A rented machine or a good mop just can't stand up to this job.

Toro uses state of the art, truck mounted technology. Our equipment brings our steam heat to 220 degrees and provides tremendous lift. Our cleaning solutions are pet and human-friendly as well. These elements, combined with our experience, ensure the cleanest floors and shorter drying times, allowing tenants a better chance at receiving their full deposits upon moving out. Our owner oversees or performs almost every project personally, ensuring top quality service and cleaning.

We offer complimentary, in home, consultations and quotes. Our quotes include 100% of the cleaning process and there are never any hidden fees or upsells. We have several options available for different budgets and needs. Toro provides the best bang for the buck with cost effective and professional cleaning that is sure to please even the most meticulous landlords.  


Toro Steam Cleaning offers a range of solutions based on your needs and budget for your floor cleaning needs.

All quotes are performed in person and are always complimentry.

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