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Toro Steam Cleaning offers area rug cleaning services for your home and business. Everything from dirt, pet dander, pollutants and heavy traffic areas can get trapped within the fibers of your area rugs.  Vacuuming is great for weekly maintenance but can only reach the dirt on the surface. 


No matter how big or small, your rugs will be correctly cleaned by a trained professional in our Rug Studio. Our Rug Studio rates are based on the size and type of area rug.

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A synthetic rug can be defined as any rug which consists mainly of synthetic fibers. The problem, though, is this: there are hundreds of different synthetic fibers. In the term's most basic definition. synthetic fiber is that which does not occur in nature, but must be produced through use of chemistry. Instead of natural substances like wool and cotton, these synthetic fabrics are easily mass-produced, easy to replace, and heavily versatile.


The original synthetic fiber was first invented in the late 19th century through the chemical modification of a natural fiber found in tree bark. Since then they've only grown in popularity, making them the most-often-used fabric in the textile industry today.


Synthetic fibers and products made from them have many significant advantages over naturally occurring ones. They're typically much more durable and much easier to dye. In addition, they are designed to be much more resistant to stains and therefore easier to keep clean.


Of the countless variations of synthetic fibers which have been invented to this day, four are the most commonly used in the textile industry. These are the polyester, nylon, polyolefin, and acrylic materials.


Synthetic rugs are a modern choice for a modern interior space and many who own them enjoy the fact that they are so easy to keep clean compared to rugs made out of natural substances. This, combined with their usually much more affordable price, make synthetic fiber area rugs a popular choice for rug-buyers everywhere.


Our floors had not been polished since we installed them more than 9 years ago.  They look amazing now!  The staff is extremely polite,  careful and caring of the home furnishings.  Victor even came back to train our housekeeper on what products to use to keep up the stone in top shape.  We loved the service and the results.   Would recommend 200%! - Pat





Toro Steam Cleaning utilizes the newest technologies in both equipment and family/pet safe chemistry to ensure a deep and true cleaning of your area rugs.


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