Travertine, granite, marble, flagstone, concrete, pavers, wood and other natural products add value and beauty to your home. And all things beautiful require a little nip and tuck. The Toro team is certified in restoration and cleaning of all natural stone and wood.

Why hire Toro Steam Cleaning?

At Toro, our professional cleaning team is trained and certified in cleaning natural stone and wood.  To get the best results we use state-of-the-art equipment and top-level products. We employ a 12-step cleaning process and take great pride in our commitment to clean. We definitely have a love for clean!

How do I keep my natural stone or wood in good condition between steam cleanings?

Natural stone and wood is beautiful, but care must be taken when cleaning. Natural products are durable, but also porous and the surface can be damaged. Clean natural stone and wood with products designed to specifically clean those surfaces. These products can be found at your local grocery store or home store. One tip! Don’t leave standing water on natural stone or wood – it can damage the finish.

Does Toro Steam Cleaning restore natural stone?

Yes! We have a passion for natural stone products and restoring them. Our trained and certified cleaning team takes pride in bringing natural stone back to life. We also offer minor repairs.

What should you expect when you hire Toro Steam Cleaning?

When you select Toro Steam Cleaning for your cleaning needs, you have the most dedicated, educated and motivated cleaning company committed to meeting all your cleaning needs.  We offer specific cleaning times – that means no waiting around for an appointment window. We provide complimentary quotes prior to cleaning, have no upcharges and never use unethical techniques.

What is the Toro Difference?

Simply stated, it is our promise to leave your home with the highest level of cleanliness for every service, every time.

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