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  Toro Steam Cleaning offers area rug cleaning services for your home and business. Everything from dirt, pet dander, pollutants and heavy traffic areas can get trapped within the fibers of your area rugs.  Vacuuming is great for weekly maintenance but can only reach the dirt on the surface. 


No matter how big or small, your rugs will be correctly cleaned by a trained professional in our Rug Studio. Our Rug Studio rates are based on the size and type of area rug.


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Wool is a rugged and tough material that has served people well throughout history. As a byproduct of our ancient dependence on animals to provide us our food, clothing, and shelter, wool's use is widespread and is trusted for countless different applications.


The natural appearance of wool in clusters on the hides of sheep make it easy to collect and process in large amounts. It is easily spun into fleece for use in clothing and furnishings and retains heat well, meaning it has been used as a tool to keep people warm and comfortable in the coldest of winters. In addition, wool is highly absorbent; it can hold about a third of its weight in water content.


The quality of wool varies greatly depending on its source, as it depends both on the species from which it is shorn and on the process which is used to convert it into fleece. A grading scale is used to define wool which takes into account its softness or coarseness. In addition to being used as material for rugs and carpets, wool is also widely used to produce clothing, insulation, blankets, and upholstery.


Wool is an incredibly durable fiber. It is hardy, endurant, and coarse; the excellent material with which to build a rug that will stand the test of time and the wear and tear of years of use. An elastic and tactile substance, wool is easily dyed and easily combined with other materials; in sum, these properties have lifted it up into being one of the most widely used textiles in the world.


Oftentimes in the production of rugs, a small portion of synthetic fibers is blended into the woolen mesh. This is done in order to advance the durability of the rug even further. These types of blended wool come often in the form of 80% wool and 20% synthetic fiber mixtures, popularizing the term '80/20' used to describe them.


Our floors had not been polished since we installed them more than 9 years ago.  They look amazing now!  The staff is extremely polite,  careful and caring of the home furnishings.  Victor even came back to train our housekeeper on what products to use to keep up the stone in top shape.  We loved the service and the results.   Would recommend 200%! - Pat




Toro Steam Cleaning utilizes the newest technologies in both equipment and family/pet safe chemistry to ensure a deep and true cleaning of your wool area rugs.