The Toro Difference

We are often asked “What is the Toro Difference?” Simply stated, the Toro Difference is our commitment to a process that leaves the highest possible level of cleanliness for the cleaning service performed.


When choosing a service for your cleaning needs, you should consider not only the price, but the process and of course the result. There are many options when it comes to cleaning processes and even more options when it comes to selecting the company.

We are a small, locally owned business, not a nation-wide conglomerate with millions in marketing budgets and a revolving door of cleaning staff.
We offer specific cleaning times, not windows that require you to lose most of your day waiting for us to arrive.

We perform complimentary quotes so that you are assured in your budget for cleaning. We have no upcharges. We will never utilize “bait and switch” techniques by offering a low fee to get in the door.

We utilize the latest in truck mounted cleaning technology. The power, heat and water removal that is made possible by a truck mounted system cannot be matched by any other type of service. With that said, sometimes, this process is not available due to other circumstances. When needed, we utilize low moisture processes to achieve as strong a possible cleaning process as possible.

We are constantly evolving and making investements in our cleaning technology. We utilize 360 degree cleaning technologies that allow us to clean the entire surface of the textile in question. For your carpet and tile this means a deeper, true cleaning.

Our process includes what we call “the cleaning before the cleaning”. We peform a complete pre vaccuming, a complete prestaining, and a complete preagitation of the areas or items to be cleaned. This step, more than any other, ensures the strongest possible cleaning result.

Our chemistry is family and pet safe and is widely recognized as one of the finest in the industry. We don’t pull any punches or cut any corners when it comes to our cleaning process.

Rest assured that when you select Toro Steam Cleaning for your cleaning needs, you have the most dedicated, educated and motivated cleaning company that is committed to meeting all your cleaning needs. It is how we have maintained our 5-Star rating on YELP and Google and it is why we are the most recommended cleaning service by several mom’s groups on social media. Call us today for your complimentary consultation.

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