You are busy running your business, so leave the cleaning to the Toro team. We have several options that are both economical and effective for businesses large and small. Weekly, bimonthly and monthly cleanings are available with convenient times during or after your business hours. Buy yourself some time and let us handle the mess!


“We had a unique situation. Our new carpet was left with a sticky residue after our painters had used a clear plastic protector on the carpet. Apparently, it’s not very common, but that can happen with brand new carpet. The sticky backing stuck to the carpet fibers, so when you touched the carpet, it felt tacky like tape. I was a wreck thinking that we would have to replace our new carpet. Victor reassured me that he had seen this happen before and would be able to solve the problem. He used a special solution (Stanley Steamer did not have that product) that helped disintegrate that residue. To my relief, after two cleanings, 95% of the residue is gone! Over time, and with maybe one more cleaning, it will completely be gone. Victor was so understanding and is the most carpet knowledgeable person I’ve ever met. We were so impressed with him, we also had him clean our wool rug. I highly recommend Victor!” – Amy from San Diego

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