What is the Toro Difference? Simply stated, it is our promise to leave your home of business with the highest level of cleanliness and commitment to every service, every time. When choosing who trust, it’s important to consider the price, process and result. When you select Toro Steam Cleaning for your cleaning needs, you have the most dedicated, educated and motivated cleaning company committed to meeting all your cleaning needs.

We offer specific cleaning times – that means no waiting around for an appointment window! We also provide complimentary quotes, no upcharges and never use unethical techniques. Our truck-mounted technology delivers 220 degrees of heat that results in cleaner floors and shorter drying times. Combined with our professional team and truck-mount technology, our detailed 12-step cleaning process will leave your home or business feeling spotless.

At Toro, we promise:

  • To have a commitment to our brand, purpose and customers.
  • To do what’s right with a focus on the needs of our customers and partners.
  • To treat everyone with kindness, courtesy, dignity and respect.
  • To be an exemplary community citizen, respect the rights of others and accept our responsibility to give.
  • To focus on brand loyalty, learn from our results and be a good steward of organizational assets, revenue and finances.


“I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Toro Steam Cleaning. My husband and I hired them to clean the carpets in our new home prior to moving in about 3 months ago. I’m not sure when the carpets were installed, but thanks to Toro they still look like they’re brand new (and none of those mystery stains that magically reappear)! Victor was accommodating and professional; we could not have been happier!” – Jennifer from Santee

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