Over the years, we have perfected the formula to get the deepest clean on all styles and kinds of rugs. We appreciate that no area rug is the same and all need personalized attention. Several factors play into how a silk area rug should be cleaned.

Silk is renowned throughout the world for its soft texture. Its smooth, velvety surface seems to glide under your fingertips. A naturally occurring fiber, silk is actually a protein produced by the larvae of insects for use in the creation of cocoons. People first discovered the ability to collect and combine the proteins of these larvae in ancient China, collecting it mainly from an insect called the mulberry silkworm.

The beauty of the substance this creature creates is unable to be reproduced artificially. Often, silk rugs are etched with beautiful and colorful designs. These designs can depict anything from geometric shapes to patterns, to animals, to any other symbols of elegance.

While many of the designs found on silk rugs may be printed, there also exists a substantial industry of hand-woven rugs which, while brandishing prices in the many thousands, are unrivaled in their quality and worth as works of art. These hand-woven rugs stem out of a rich tradition of silk-weaving which originated thousands of years ago.

Today many mass-produced silk rugs are made with other, more resilient fabrics mixed in, such as wool or cotton. This increases the longevity and durability of the rugs.

When it’s time to clean your silk area rugs, trust the Toro Rug Studio for personalized attention and a quality clean.

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