Over the years, we have perfected the formula to get the deepest clean on all styles and kinds of rugs. We appreciate that no area rug is the same and all need personalized attention. Several factors play into how a synthetic area rug should be cleaned.

A synthetic rug can be defined as any rug which consists mainly of synthetic fibers. In the term’s most basic definition, synthetic fiber is that which does not occur in nature, but must be produced through use of chemistry. Instead of natural substances like wool, silk and cotton, synthetic fabrics are easily mass-produced and very versatile.

The original synthetic fiber was invented in the late 19th century through the chemical modification of a natural fiber found in tree bark. Since then synthetic fibers have grown in popularity, making them the most used fabric in the textile industry. The four most commonly used variations of synthetic fibers are polyester, nylon, polyolefin and acrylic.

Products made with synthetic fibers have advantages over naturally occurring fibers. They are typically more durable, easier to dye and are designed to be more resistant to stains. Synthetic rugs are a modern choice for a today’s interior design. They tend to be more affordable, more durable and have the greatest variation for all styles.

When it’s time to clean your synthetic area rugs, trust the Toro Rug Studio for personalized attention and a quality clean.

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