Over the years, we have perfected the formula to get the deepest clean on all styles and kinds of rugs. We appreciate that no area rug is the same and all need personalized attention. Several factors play into how a wool area rug should be cleaned.

Wool is a rugged and tough material. As a byproduct of our ancient dependence on animals to provide us our food, clothing, and shelter, wool’s use is widespread and is trusted for countless different applications.

The natural appearance of wool in clusters on the hides of sheep make it easy to collect and process in large amounts. It is easily spun into fleece for use in clothing and furnishings and retains heat well. In addition, wool is highly absorbent – it can hold about a third of its weight in water content.

The quality of wool varies greatly depending on its source. A grading scale is used to define wool which takes into account its softness or coarseness. In addition to being used as material for rugs and carpets, wool is also widely used to produce clothing, insulation, blankets, and upholstery.

Wool is an incredibly durable fiber, an excellent material for rugs, which will stand the test of time. An elastic and tactile substance, wool is easily dyed and easily combined with other materials and is one of the most widely used textiles in the world. In the production of rugs, a small portion of synthetic fibers can be blended into the woolen mesh. This is done in order to advance the durability of the rug even further.

When it’s time to clean your wool area rugs, trust the Toro Rug Studio for personalized attention and a quality clean.

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